’60 Minutes’ Journalist Tries Gotcha Interview on Kari Lake and It Completely Blows Up in His Face

One of the biggest problems today in the United States is the establishment media.

Its propaganda acts as both a shield and a cudgel for the forces of corruption entrenched throughout our institutions. Narrative engineering is implemented with scientific precision. Reform is thwarted.

But now in Arizona, a former media insider is showing how the manipulative press can be mastered.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake, a former television journalist, beat back “60 Minutes Australia” this week when the Down Under version of the CBS news magazine show attempted an ambush interview.

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Lake’s run for governor of Arizona, and it’s easy to see why.

In a statement in September, Trump said, “She is a fantastic person who spent many years working as a highly respected television anchor and journalist. Because of this, few can take on the Fake News Media like Kari.”

Lake’s engagement style with the establishment media is different from the former president’s. Trump called out the distortions of the crooked press. In contrast, Lake flips questions back at those grilling her, exposing misdirection and biases reporters are unwilling to admit.

For example, earlier this month, Lake was interviewed by an ABC News reporter.

As the journalist attempted to goad her into a compromising statement about President Joe Biden’s legitimacy, she shot back, “Do you think Joe Biden garnered 81 million votes? Do you think the elections were fair?”

When the reporter remained silent, Lake continued: “The problem is the American people don’t have all the answers because the media is part of the problem.”

She recognized the distracting techniques being aimed at her and managed to return to her message.

On Wednesday, Lake shared video of the latest attempted media takedown, which she called “THE most biased interview of my entire life!”

In addition to appearing before the “60 Minutes Australia” camera crew, she had the whole exchange filmed. Lake shared her own uncut video on Rumble to pre-empt any selective editing that could change meanings, an infamous media practice.

She knew to be prepared.

It will be interesting to compare the full video below with whatever makes it onto “60 Minutes Australia.”

While the interviewer, Liam Bartlett, parroted establishment talking points on the 2020 election, Lake turned it around.

“You come here and you ask me to prove to you that our elections were fraudulent?” she said. “I lived it. I lived it. My vote was adjudicated. So you’re coming here from Australia, where you don’t even have any freedom, and you’re trying to tell us that our elections were on the up and up? I don’t think so.”

The best was yet to come.

After fiery exchanges on Trump, the Jan. 6 Capitol incursion, guns and Australian coronavirus tyranny, Lake called out Bartlett for his agenda.

“Well, are you a journalist, or, an unbiased journalist, or not? Where is it, why are you trying to tell me how I should see the world?” she said.

Lake hit him for his shameful performance. “I don’t live in Australia,” she said. “Are you actually a respectable journalist there, or are you kind of considered a joke?”

And then came the finishing touches.

Lake told him, “I worked in the news for 30 years, I get how it works. It’s, it’s hit rock bottom and it keeps going lower. I don’t know if you have viewers who still watch, but here in America people are tuning out the corporate media. … If you want to keep pushing propaganda, your days are numbered.”

After this stunning performance, expect escalating media attacks on Kari Lake. She’ll be ready for them.

Via        The Western Journal

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